Topic Study Group 12:

Research and Development in the Teaching and Learning of Geometry


Aims and Focus


The Group is concerned with the teaching and learning of geometry from pre-school through college and university teaching, including any type of geometry, like a non-Euclidean geometry, for example. The Group will incorporate short presentations on, and discussions of, important new trends and developments in research or practice, providing an overview of the current state-of-the-art in geometry teaching and learning, and expositions of outstanding recent contributions to it, as seen from international perspectives.


Though any proposals of relevance to the general focus of the group will be considered, we will be particularly interested in theoretical, empirical, or developmental papers related to the following themes:


Š      Curriculum studies and new curriculum implementation.

Š      Geometry education and the “real world”: geometrisation and applications.

Š      Instrumentation: artefacts, such as computers, and the way they are used.

Š      Explanation, argumentation and proof in geometry education.

Š      Spatial abilities and geometric reasoning about two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.

Š      Teacher preparation in geometry education.


The issues raised will be considered from the following points of view: historical and epistemological, cognitive and semiotic, educational related to students’ difficulties and related to the design of teaching and curricula.