Proceedings of TSG 5

The papers published here form part of the Conference Proceedings of the ICME 11 conference in the Topic Study Group 5 strand, centered around the theme of New Developments in Tertiary Mathematics Education.

All papers were blind reviewed by at least two peers from an international team of referees. Papers were accepted on the basis of being relevant to the theme of the particular topic study group and also had to contain

·         a statement of the problem / issue and a discussion of its significance

·         some critical analysis of the research literature as it relates to the topic of the paper

·         conclusions and implications for mathematics education derived from the study.

Papers appearing in the Proceedings were accepted by the reviewers as papers of international standing. Papers appearing in the Presentation Reports sections were accepted as conference presentations and reflect a personal view or experience.



1. Sandra Britton and Jenny Henderson: Student Expectation and Usage of On-Line Quizzes in First Year Undergraduate Mathematics Courses.         

2. Guadalupe Carmona & Angeles Dominguez: Designing learning environments with network-based capabilities for the Calculus classroom

3. Gilda de La Rocque Palis:     Introduction to Calculus:  Integrating Maple in regular classes and examinations.

4. Viviane Durand-Guerrier:      About logic, language and reasoning

5. Barbara Edwards:  Revitalising College Algebra: A tale of change initiative

6. Ana Henriques: Exploring Investigative Activities in Numerical Analysis

7. Belinda Huntley, Johann Engelbrecht, Ansie Harding: How good are your mathematics questions?        

8. Sam O King: Staff Perceptions of the One-Tablet Mathematics Classroom                     

9. Fabrice Vandebrouck:  Functions at the transition between French upper secondary school and University      


Presentation Reports

1. Anne D’Arcy-Warmington: Look Who’s Talking-Incorporating oral presentations into mathematics.

2. Moneoang LeshotaObstacles in the Usage of Technologies in Teaching Mathematics at the National University of Leshoto      

3. Zhongdan Huan: How Mathematics Major Students should be taught